Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison

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With the massive growth of CMS like WordPress, Managed WordPress hosting has become very popular in the WordPress community. Managed WordPress hosting is a special hosting solution, built on fine-tuned hardware and software specifically for WordPress and optimized for quality performance, speed and security.

If you want the best performance, speed and security for your WordPress site and have the budget for it, WP Engine will probably be a good choice. I, however, don’t have an established site yet. And like many WordPress users, I’m just happy with hosting it on a plan that’s better than shared hosting.

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting

Most hosting providers are now offering Managed WordPress hosting plans for a good price. But it’s not always easy to compare and find the best value plan. In order to make things easier for users I have created a table that compares the lowest price of different hosting providers.

Lite (A2 Hosting) StartUp (SiteGround) Starter (HostGator) Launch (Inmotion)
Price $3.92/month $3.95/month $5.95/month $5.99/month
Number of websites 1 1 1 2
Average monthly traffic Not specified 10,000 25,000 Not specified
Web space 0.5 GB 10 GB 50 GB Unlimited
Free Domain No Yes No Yes
Free automatic daily backup No Yes Yes No
Free Content Delivery Network (CDN) Yes (CloudFlare) Yes (CloudFlare) No No
Free site migration Yes Yes Yes No
Global CDN for faster access Yes (servers located in USA, Europe and Asia) Yes (servers located in USA, Europe and Asia) Yes You can choose data center location
WP-CLI support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic malware removal No No Yes No
Free solid state drives (SSD) Yes Yes Not specified Yes
Page speed 6x faster Not specified 2.5x faster Not specified
Optimized caching No Yes (static content cache) Yes (Varnish & WordPress caching) Not specified
WordPress auto updater Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free SSL certificate No Yes (first year) No No
See plan details See plan details See plan details See plan details

I haven’t included things like unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, databases or transfers as all web hosts seem to list them. I only listed important features that actually differentiate one web host from another.

Am I using Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes. I’m currently using the HostGator blog plan. I also wrote an article on how I moved from to a self-hosted WordPress site.

Managed WordPress Hosting Experience

Everything seems good so far. But you will be able to tell better. Feel free to browse my site and see how it performs in terms of speed. I believe it’s already performing better than shared hosting and the cost is not too high. You can also find more details in my HostGator vs Bluehost comparison.

How about you? Are you using any Managed WordPress hosting? If so which one is it and what do you like about them? Please share with me in the comments.

Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison
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2 thoughts on “Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Comparison”

  1. I don’t think WordPress should be the only requirement when selecting a hosting service. You need to look for other requirements like hosting price, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, domains etc.

    If you are looking for a cheap WordPress hosting with good disk space Bluehost might be the best option for you. It comes with with a simple 1-click installer for WordPress and only costs around $3.95/month. Recently WordPress has also selected Bluehost to be one of their top recommended web hosts.

  2. I’ve had experience with a good number of hosts after doing WordPress design and SEO for almost 3 years. I find SiteGround to be the best option if you’re looking for the cheap $3.95/month range. SiteGround always takes care of their servers and they are fast, reliable and helpful. They will migrate your website for you and you never have to worry about downtime or page load speed.

    If you are really concerend about the performance the other option is WP Engine. WP Engine plans start from $29/month but you will see a noticeable difference in your site’s speed and performance.

    I don’t find Bluehost to be that reliable. Your site could be down regularly on a monthly basis. HostGator is alright in terms of price and performance but not the best. Godaddy is making a lot of noises recently but I’ve heard that once you start getting traffic their servers can’t handle it very well. I would recommend anyone to stick with SiteGround or WP Engine because they have what it takes to be a good manged WordPress host.

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