How to Export WordPress Users to a CSV File

When you are creating a WordPress membership site or moving to a different WordPress hosting plan, you may need to export WordPress users data to a CSV file. Unfortunately, the default WordPress export tools do not let you export WordPress users data. In this article, I will show you how you can easily export WordPress users data to a CSV file.

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WooCommerce Pack & Ship Bundle Review

WooCommerce Pack & Ship Bundle is an all in one solution for selling your products. It comes with everything you need to sell, pack, and ship products worldwide. It offers multi-address shipping & tracking, lets you print invoices & packing lists, customize shipping options, and create bundles to drive sales. In this article, I will review WooCommerce Pack & Ship Bundle so you can why it’s such an important part of your business.

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How to Install WordPress on Bluehost

There are many great web hosting companies out there. But there are a few which come with some powerful features at a great affordable price. Bluehost is one of them. As you may know, Bluehost has been one of the hosting providers officially recommended by WordPress since 2005. Because of this Bluehost WordPress hosting is pretty popular and getting WordPress installed on Bluehost is part of your website setup. In this article, I will show you how you can easily install WordPress on Bluehost and get started with your website.

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Best WooCommerce Coupon Add-ons/Extensions for WordPress

The core WooCommerce plugin has some good coupon/discount options to successfully run an online store. But that may not fulfill your needs if you are looking for even more advanced coupon functionalities such as offer free gift coupons, limit coupons to a particular group member/user role, create store credit/gift certificate coupons, automatically generate unique coupons, track the performance of a coupon by running a campaign, automatically apply a coupon to the shopping cart via a URL or reward your customers with coupons for leaving reviews. In this article, I’m going to review the best WooCommerce coupon add-ons/extensions that you can use to extend the coupon functionality of your store.

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How to Log in to Bluehost Webmail and Set up Your Webmail Client

If you have got an email account with Bluehost, you might be wondering how you can access it. Well, you can access through Bluehost Webmail. With Bluehost Webmail there is not much to set up. You just log in and get started. In this article, I will show you how you can log in to Bluehost Webmail and set up your Webmail client.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts for WordPress in 2017

Each year, Cyber Monday and Black Friday mark the time of year when most WordPress sites run their largest discounts. This year won’t be any different. In this post, I round up the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for WordPress so you can take advantage of all the biggest discounts.

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12 Free PSD Poster Mockups For Designers

Creating a poster for indoor or outdoor advertising is a really fun project for a designer. And with Photoshop PSD poster mockups you can actually see how your design will be presented as a framed print, wrapped canvas or even an outdoor billboard. In this article, I round up 12 free Photoshop PSD poster mockup templates that you can use to showcase your artwork.

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Avenir Font Family Free Download

Avenir is a sans-serif typeface (also known as font family) designed by Adrian Frutiger and released in 1988 by Linotype GmbH. The word Avenir is French for “future”.  As the name suggests, the family takes inspiration from the geometric style of sans-serif typeface developed in the 1920s that took the circle as a basis, such as Erbar and Futura. Frutiger intended Avenir to be a more organic interpretation of the geometric style, more even in colour and suitable for extended text, with details recalling more traditional typefaces such as the two-storey ‘a’ and ‘t’ with a curl at the bottom, and letters such as the ‘o’ that are not exact, perfect circles but optically corrected.

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