Best Cheap WooCommerce Hosting (2021)

WooCommere is the number one platform for setting up an online store in WordPress as well as selling from your e-commerce website. Since WooCommerce powers almost all the major e-commerce functionality of your site, the hosting requirements will be a little different from a general WordPress-powered site. In this best cheap WooCommerce hosting review, I will review the best cheap WooCommerce hosting providers in 2021.

Best Cheap WooCommerce Hosting

Why are the hosting requirements a little different for WooCommerce? This is not just because WooCommerce is more resource-intensive. As your store starts to process more orders and get more customers your site will eventually get very slow if it’s hosted on a traditional shared hosting environment. You also need to consider some security-specific factors such as whether or not the web host offers an SSL certificate for your website by default, What version of PHP it is running etc.

And last but not least the support they are offering. It’s really important that you get quality support from your web host whenever you are having an issue. In this article, I have put together a list of the best cheap WooCommerce hosting that can help you manage and run a WooCommerce store seamlessly.


screenshot showing featured content for Bluehost WooCommerce hosting

Bluehost has been offering reliable and affordable WordPress hosting since 2005. They are now offering a special hosting plan specifically for WordPress + WooCommerce users.

Here is what you get with Bluehost WooCommerce hosting:

  • Pre-installation of WooCommerce
  • Pre-installation of WooCommerce Storefront theme
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificate to run your WooCommerce store securely
  • Dedicated IP Address

For details visit Bluehost WooCommerce hosting page.


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SiteGround is a very reliable hosting provider for managing a WooCommerce site. They are offering High-Performance WooCommerce hosting crafted specifically for small to large businesses. However, It can be a great choice for users who are just starting out as well.

With quality hosting and support, SiteGround has made their way to the official WordPress hosting recommendation page. Even the makers of WooCommerce are offering SiteGround as their number one choice for running WooCommerce. SiteGround comes with some unique & value features that are not offered by many hosts such Free SSL, Free Domain, Free backup, Free Cloudflare CDN etc. When you activate their WooCommerce hosting plan it will already have WooCommerce and the Storefront theme pre-installed. You will also get benefit from their advanced caching as well as multiple server locations (US, Europe, Asia and South Pacific). They offer great support 24/7 and you can even have them transfer one of your websites to SiteGround for free.

For details visit the SiteGround WooCommerce hosting page.

A2 Hosting

screenshot showing featured content for A2 Hosting WooCommerce hosting

A2 Hosting offers one of the most important factors for running a WooCommerce store – speed. Its exclusive SwiftServer platform can give you the optimum speed necessary for running WooCommerce. If your site requires even more speed, you can choose their blazing fast turbo server which can make your page load 20 times faster.

Here is a shortlist of the things that you also get with A2 Hosting WooCommerce bundle:

  • Pre-installation of WooCommerce
  • Free HackScan Protection to prevent your account from getting hacked
  • APC/OPcache, Turbo Cache & Memcached
  • Free CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Solid State Drives
  • Free site migration

For details visit the WooCommerce A2 Hosting page.


screenshot showing featured content for Cloudways WooCommerce hosting

Cloudways offers scalable and fast cloud hosting for WooCommerce. With SSD drives and multiple server locations across the globe, your site will offer the fastest and seamless experience for your customers. And if you need even more resources you can easily increase your server power with a single click. This will significantly increase your conversion rate as well as decrease cart abandonment due to slow page loading.

Cloudways WooCommerce hosting offers support for WP-CLI on SSH access. You can also get real-time monitoring for your store right within the account console. If your website ever goes down for some reason, it will automatically get restored so your store is always online 24/7.

For details visit Cloudways WooCommerce hosting page.

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