Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review

Bluehost cloud hosting (also known as cloud sites) allows you to host your website on the Bluehost cloud, automatically mirroring your data across three distinct devices. This means if there is any hardware issue at one, Bluehost’s failover technology will automatically designate one copy of your website to keep functioning while the other two copies work to rebuild. In this article, I will review Bluehost cloud hosting, its benefits and compare their plans so you can decide whether you wish to move your website to the cloud sites.

Why Bluehost Cloud Hosting?

Affordable Price

No matter where we choose to host our website, the pricing needs to be well within our range. With Bluehost cloud hosting you get to host your website on the cloud sites only for $6.95/month. Bluehost is probably offering one of the cheapest and reliable cloud hosting plans at the moment. This gives you a good reason to go with Bluehost.

Safer Hosting / Data Mirroring

When you host your website on the Bluehost cloud your data is mirrored across three devices. This will keep your mind at ease since your website will keep functioning even though one device had a hardware failure.

Automated Migration

If you are already on a shared hosting plan you can seamlessly transfer your website to Bluehost cloud sites.

Faster Hosting

screenshot showing speed performance on the bluehost cloud sites (cloud hosting)

Bluehost cloud hosting is really fast in terms of page load times. They ensure your server resources are focused where they should be with varnish caching and global CDN (Content Delivery Network). with premium hardware and low-density servers, Bluehost can give you a really good experience on the cloud sites. Static website content is managed more efficiently so dynamic requests can be processed quicker than ever.

Simpler Hosting

screenshot showing the performance of a website on the bluehost cloud sites in the bluehost dashboard

Bluehost offers good performance on the cloud sites. Their simple dashboard provides a quick view into usage trends, page download speed, uptime, global reach, and more. And with instant resource management, you’ll never need to worry about your site going down due to traffic spikes again.

Integrated Caching

Enjoy automatically accelerated web content from day one with an advanced, customized NGINX/Varnish Caching configuration.

More Space

screenshot showing performance, cpu and ram usage on the bluehost cloud sites

With Bluehost cloud, more web traffic will never slow you down. As your online presence grows, amp up your cloud usage with the click of a button. Either pick a more powerful plan or add CPU and RAM as needed. All without having to worry about reboots, cryptic usage fees, or downtime.

Intuitive Dashboard

Monitor your site’s performance by tracking traffic, load speed, global reach, and more from one centralized location.

Fully Managed Hosting

Bluehost experts deal with maintaining languages, security patches, port access, and any issues that may arise.

Resource Monitoring

Easily identify when more resources are needed to support your website, then power up with just the click of a button.

Instant Scaling

Scale up CPU and RAM at any time and without a reboot. Bluehost OpenStack-powered backend distribution technology makes it easy.

Amazing Uptime

If a hardware device falters, your site is rapidly switched over to another device to provide maximum uptime for your site.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers love their services. You can see it here.

Comparison with Other Web Hosts

Renewal Price$9.99$14.99$20.00
Available CPUs2220% of 1
Available Memory2 GB1 GB
StorageUnmeteredUnmetered100 GB
BandwidthUnmeteredUnlimited1 TB
Max Available CPUsUp to 8Up to 2Usage fees above 20% of 1
Max Available RAMUp to 8 GBUp to 2 GB
Integrated CachingIncludedIncluded

This chart shows why Bluehost is superior to other web hosts in terms of cloud hosting. You pay only $6.99/month (which is around what you pay for shared hosting) but can get access to 2 GB memory and 8 CPUs with 8 GB of RAM. This also shows why you should just host your site on the cloud instead of worrying about cheap overloaded shared hosting.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Comparison

Bluehost currently offers three separate plans for cloud hosting. Here is a detailed comparison of these three plans:

StarterPerformanceBusiness Pro
Number of Websites1UnlimitedUnlimited
Storage Space100 GBUnmeteredUnmetered
Free Domain111
Available Memory(RAM)2 GB4 GB6 GB
Available CPU246
Marketing Offers$50$200$200
Email Accounts100UnlimitedUnlimited
Email Storage500 MBUnlimitedUnlimited
Local CachingYesYesYes
1-Click Resource ScalingYesYesYes
Number of Spam Experts12
Dedicated IPYes
SSL CertificateIncluded
Domain PrivacyIncluded
Site Backup + RestoreIncluded


Although the Starter plan should be good for any website, I wouldn’t mind signing up for the Performance one just for the $2 difference. This will allow me to host unlimited websites and get access to unmetered storage. Number of CPUs and memory allocation also go up to 4 and 4 GB respectively.

Another thing to note is that cloud hosting is much more powerful than shared hosting. So if you have multiple low-medium sized sites running on different shared plans, you can just migrate them all in one place and for $6.95. This helps you save money and get the full performance benefit of the cloud sites.

Like Bluehost Cloud Hosting Already?

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4 thoughts on “Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review”

  1. The price looks pretty reasonable. How many websites can I host on the Bluehost cloud sites?

    • @Smith, On the Bluehost starter package you can host 1 website. However, If you are planning on hosting multiple websites you can go with the Performance package instead. Just for the $2 difference, you get to host unlimited websites.

  2. I’m looking to create a new website. Should I choose this over Bluehost shared hosting?

    • @Sarah, I would recommend you to go with Bluehost cloud hosting.


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