Bulk Discount Pricing in WordPress

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WP eStore is an e-commerce plugin which allows you to create bulk discount pricing for your store products. Bulk pricing is typically used to offer discounts when customers purchase quantities of a particular item.

Bulk Discount in eStore

In the eStore plugin you can specify a percentage which will be taken off each item when a certain quantity of the product is purchased. So when a customer purchases between “From” and “To” quantities, they will receive a specific discount (in percentage) for each individual item.

screenshot of bulk discount pricing menu in the estore plugin

In order to configure a discount rule,

  • Go to the bulk discount menu
  • Enter a quantity range (e.g. 1-3)
  • Enter a discount rate for it (e.g. 10)
  • Click “Save”

You can always edit/delete a discount rule.

Bulk Discount on a Particular Product

If you want to enable discounts on specific products you can enter their product IDs in the textarea above.

Bulk Discount Demo

As you can see there are two items in the shopping. So a 10% discount was automatically applied.

screenshot showing bulk pricing discount in the shopping cart

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