Cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2017

I have been doing some research for my WordPress plugin users who are trying to find cheap yet reliable WordPress hosting for their websites. While doing this research I also looked for web hosts that offer the best value for the money. It looks like bluehost is ahead of everyone with their Starter plan. They are offering this WordPress hosting plan for just $2.95/month (including a 50% discount). Continue reading “Cheapest WordPress Hosting in 2017”

SiteGround Updates Its SG CachePress Plugin to SG Optimizer

In 2012 SiteGround released a WordPress plugin named SG CachePress to connect a WordPress site to their caching service SuperCacher. Over the last couple of years they added more features related to the caching functionality. Recently they decided to add two new functionalities to the plugin that allows a user to easily switch to HTTPS as well as update to PHP 7.0. Since CachePress funcitonalities are no longer limited to only caching, the plugin has been renamed to SG Optimizer instead.

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How to Set up a Blog or Site with WordPress on Bluehost

There are many great hosting companies out there. But for a WordPress blog or site, Bluehost should be a top choice. It comes with some powerful features at a great affordable price. As you may know Bluehost is the number one hosting provider officially recommended by WordPress. And it’s been like this in the last 10 years. In this article I will show you how you can easily set up a blog or website with WordPress on this award winning host – Bluehost.

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HostGator Launches Special Unlimited Web Hosting Package

HostGator just launched two special bundle hosting packages starting at only $3.00/month. The reason why they are so special is because you won’t find these packages on their website. The deals are specifically for customers who are referred from my website. These hosting packages are very cheap and will beat the price of almost every single hosting company out there.

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SiteGround Introduces Free 1-Click SSL Install For WordPress

SiteGround, one of the best WordPress hosting providers, already started issuing free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to its customers. While the process was a big leap towards making the web more secure, there were still some manual steps involved in order to make it fully functional. For example: installing SSL certification on the hosting account, manually adding some code to the .htaccess file in order to make a proper redirection  from HTTP to HTTPS, updating the content so the resources are loaded from HTTPS. Today SiteGround just made this process even easier by introducing 1-click installation of SSL certificate.

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Top WooCommerce Hosting in 2016

WooCommere is the number one platform for setting up an online store in WordPress as well as selling from your e-commerce website. Since WooCommerce powers almost all the major e-commerce functionality of your site, the hosting requirements will be a little different from a general WordPress-powered site. This is not just because WooCommerce is more resource-intensive. As your store starts to process more orders and get more customers your site will eventually get very slow if it’s hosted on a traditional shared hosting environment. You also need to consider some security specific factors such as whether or not the web host offers a SSL certificate for your website by default, What version of PHP it is running etc.

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Top WooCommerce Hosting in 2016
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Flywheel Introduces Free Local Development App For WordPress

Flywheel hosting has always been catered for web designers and developers. This time they introduced Local by Flywheel, a simple free app for setting up WordPress on a local environment. This WordPress app is actually called Pressmatic and It costs you a fortune ($129). Fortunately, Flywheel has decided to integrate it into their system as well as made it available for everyone.

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday WordPress Hosting Deals

Happy Holidays to Everyone! To make the most of your online shopping for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, most major web hosts are offering some massive discounts on WordPress hosting. You can get up to 70% off selected hosting this year. So if you were holding off on migrating to a better web host now would be the best time to make the move.

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Bluehost vs SiteGround Shared Hosting

In this review I’m going to compare the top two shared hosting providers: Bluehost vs SiteGround. They offer ideal features for a startup site and are the most effective shared hosts in terms of value such as cheap pricing plans, lots of storage, support etc.

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Bluehost vs SiteGround Shared Hosting
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Top Web Hosts for WordPress Blog Hosting

As you may have heard four web hosts – Bluehost, DreamHost, Flywheel and SiteGround have been selected to be listed on the official hosting page. While this is a good source for new WordPress users to find a suitable web host, I believe the list is a little biased since there are so many better options out there for WordPress blog hosting. Continue reading “Top Web Hosts for WordPress Blog Hosting”

Top Web Hosts for WordPress Blog Hosting
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