Easy Media Download Release

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Easy Media Download plugin is out now. It’s a very easy to use WordPress plugin which allows anyone to offer free digital downloads from their website.

11 thoughts on “Easy Media Download Release”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for the plugin,
    I have download it , install it and activated it .
    Now what From where do I start ? .. I’m using chrome and Firefox .
    Please guide and help me .
    thanks again

      1. Thanks for replying fast .. that really helped , but now I’m in another trouble
        .. I copied the code that downloads an image from my media library , but it keep opens it in the same window
        I use Chrome and Firefox so what to do ?

      2. Hi I have a little problem .. how to use your plugin with out the button , I mean I want to download a content by pressing “download now ” not surrounded with a button. Thanks

  2. No , without any thing just I want to download a content by pressing the word “Download” .. I want to download when I click on the word download without a button without a custom image .. and another question please, Yes How to use my own custom button image?
    Thanks for your patience .

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