How to Embed a Video in WordPress

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Videos can be great to illustrate your content. There are many plugins out there for embedding videos in a post/page. Some of them can be used to embed videos from video-sharing sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo). Some plugins also support self-hosted video embedding. Fortunately, This feature is now available in WordPress (it was added as of WordPress 3.6).

Embedding Video From Media Library

In order to upload a video to your WordPress Media Library, click on the Add Media button of the post/page you are currently viewing.

screenshot of video embedding from WordPress media library

Once the video has been uploaded select Embed Media Player and hit Insert into page.

screenshot showing the video embed in edit screen

Additionally, you can customize some video attributes by clicking on the Edit icon,

Preload: It defines how the video should be loaded when the page loads. The default value is “metadata”(only metadata should be loaded), “none”(video should not be loaded), “auto”(video should be loaded entirely).

Autoplay: It causes the video to automatically play when the page loads. The default value is “off”.

Loop: It causes the video to loop to the beginning when finished.

Poster: It defines an image to show as a placeholder before the video plays.

Embedding Video From URL

If the video is hosted in a custom directory on your server or a remote server you can directly paste the URL into the Insert from URL field.

screenshot showing how to embed a video from URL in wordpress

Embedding Video Using a Plugin

Easy Video player is a WordPress plugin which allows you embed video using flowplayer.

Selling Video

WP eStore is a popular plugin for selling video or any type of media in WordPress.

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  1. How do I enter the code to make my video loop as well as be centered on the page? I just get the code even when in Visual mode.

    My code currently looks like this:
    [evp_embed_video url="" width="500" autoplay="true" ratio="0.56"]


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