Flywheel Introduces Free Local Development App For WordPress

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Flywheel hosting has always been catered for web designers and developers. This time they introduced Local by Flywheel, a simple free app for setting up WordPress on a local environment. This WordPress app is actually called Pressmatic and It costs you a fortune ($129). Fortunately, Flywheel has decided to integrate it into their system as well as made it available for everyone.

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Having a local WordPress environment makes it easier for coding and testing. You can easily fiddle with plugins, themes, custom CSS before making it live on your site. With Local by Flywheel you can make all these things possible.

Benefits of Local by Flywheel

  1. With Local by Flywheel you can easily create URLs for demo purpose. You can then share these URLs with your clients, collaborators, friends or fans to show off your work.
  2. When you create a site via Local by Flywheel, It will automatically have a self-signed certificate associated with it. This will allow you to test your local site on a SSL environment.
  3. Local by Flywheel offers SSH/WP-CLI access. This means you can easily get a simple root SSH access to all of your individual sites.
  4. Local by Flywheel offers configurable environment options. You can easily switch between NGINX or Apache 2.4, or switch between PHP/MySQL versions. This allows you to run experiments with your site on different server environments.

Now that you know some of the significant benefits of using Local by Flywheel, here is a quick preview of how it works:

Install Local by Flywheel

First, you download and install Local by Flywheel app from their site.

Open up the app and add a name for your new WordPress site. Site domain will automatically be generated based on the name you choose (You can customize it). However, I would recommend you to stick with .dev at the end of the URL. This tells your computer to open the site with an internal IP address.

screenshot showing how to add a WordPress site in a local environment with Local by Flywheel app

Configure Local Server Environment

Once the site is added, choose which versions of PHP, Web Server and MySQL you would like your site to run on.

screenshot showing how to set up a local environment with Local by Flywheel WordPress App

Set WordPress Credentials

Select whether or not you would like this to be a multisite install. Now enter a username, password and email for this site just like a standard WordPress install.

screenshot showing how to install WordPress on a local environment with Local by Flywheel app

Once you are happy with the setup click “Add Site”. Flywheel will then configure the server, database and set up WordPress on your machine.

You can always check the details of your site from the site dashboard.

screenshot showing how to view the Local by Flywheel app dashboard

Get Started With Local WordPress Site

Once the installation is complete you can login to your site by adding /wp-admin to the URL. There is also an Admin button in the site dashboard that you can click on to go to that URL.

screenshot showing a preview of a locally created WordPress site with Local by Flywheel app

Are you using Local by Flywheel? If so feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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