How to Configure WooCommerce General Settings

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In part 2 of this series “How to Install and Set up WooCommerce to create your own online store, we are going to cover the settings under the General tab.

WooCommerce General Settings

With WooCommerce installed and the setup wizard complete, lets go to settings from your WordPress admin.

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screenshot of WooCommerce settings

General Options

If you have used the onboarding/setup wizard after installing WooCommerce, a lot of these settings will already be set for you. I will still cover each one just in case you haven’t used the onboarding wizard.

screenshot of WooCommerce General Options

Starting at the top, you can set the Base Location of your store and what countries you sell to.

screenshot showing the selling location option of WooCommerce in the General Settings

If you choose Sell to specific countries only, a new field titled Specific Countries will appear. In that field you can start typing the countries you would like to sell to, to enable them.

screenshot of WooCommerce default customer address field

The Default Customer Address field helps determine an address to calculate taxes and shipping for, before the customer actually enters the address at checkout. You have four options in this field,

1) No address: Don’t use any address and require customers to enter their zip code to calculate shipping and taxes from.

2) Shop base address: This will use the base location for your store to calculate taxes and shipping from.

3) Geolocate: This will use the customer’s IP address and roughly estimate the zip code to calculate taxes and shipping from.

4) Geolocate (with page caching support): If you have any type of caching in place on your site and want to use Geolocate you can select this option.

screenshot of WooCommerce store notice section

Next is the Store Notice checkbox. This lets you enable a store-wide notice that appears for anyone on your site. Enabling this makes a new field called Store Notice Text appear.

As the name might suggest this is where you can type your notice. For example, this could be used to notify visitors you are only selling to a certain country at the time.

Currency Options

screenshot of WooCommerce currency options

The last settings are your Currency Options. You can only have one currency set in WooCommerce at the time. You can also customize the Currency Position, Thousand Separator, Decimal Separator and the Number of Decimals. Once you are done click Save changes.

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