How to Start a Blog

I started my first blog back in 2009. I had to do a lot of research since I had no prior knowledge of website setup. Things have come a long way since then. I started working multiple blogs and they have all grown successfully. This is why I decided to make a how-to guide for those who are new to blogging. I have actually used the same process to create my blog. So If you are looking to start a blog and need step-by-step instructions to start a blog, this tutorial is for you.

How to Start a Blog

In my opinion, there are really 8 steps to start a blog:

1. Decide what you wish to blog about

2. Find a reliable web host

3. Pick a domain name

4. Get WordPress installed on your new blog

5. Choose a theme

6. Customize your blog to get the desired look and feel

7. Install plugins to enhance the default functionality of your blog

8. Write great content that offers value to your readers

Find a Reliable Web Host

A web host is who hosts the content of your website. And in order to hosts content, you need space on your web host’s server. This web space comes with various plans depending on needs and you can purchase it from your web host to host your blog.

A web host can be looked at from various points as well:

1. Cheap

2. Reliable

3. Good Performance

4. Good Security

5. Good Support

A lot of web hosts are reliable and offer performance hosting but when it comes to pricing, it’s well out of range. I believe price is a big factor when you are just starting a blog. This is why I prefer Bluehost.

Since you will be using WordPress like most blogs use, you would want to sign up for Bluehost WordPress hosting.

How to Start a Blog: Pick a Domain & Get WordPress Installed

How to Start a Blog: Log in to WordPress

How to Start a Blog: Create a WordPress Page

How to Start a Blog: Add Categories & Tags

How to Start a Blog: Add WordPress Plugins

How to Start a Blog: Customize Your Theme

How to Start a Blog: Add a Menu & Widgets

How to Start a Blog: Add & Manage Users

Promote Your Blog

That’s all there is to start a blog. If you haven’t signed up for the WordPress hosting plan yet, you can do it here.

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