Let’s Encrypt is Now Available with SiteGround Hosting

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Let’s Encrypt is a open source certificate authority that allows you to install SSL/TLS certificates on your website for free. In December 2015 Let’s Encrypt entered Public Beta and after various testing it finally went out of beta in April 12. Let’s encrypt is a big step towards securing the web since website owners can now obtain security certificates for their websites for free instead of paying for traditional SSL certificates.

Let’s Encrypt Benefits

  • Domain-validated security certificates
  • Free to install
  • Much easier to install than a standard SSL certificate
  • No need to worry about validation emails
  • Dedicated IP is not required in your hosting
  • supported by all major browsers
  • Automatic renewal for free

Installing Let’s Encrypt on Your Web Host

Even though Let’s Encrypt has been out of beta for a month, most web hosts are still not taking any initiative for making this feature available for their customers. They are still charging customers for a standard private SSL certificate. Let’s Encrypt can be a good alternative for users like us who simply just want to make their websites secure. Fortunately, SiteGround, one of the best web hosts at the moment in terms of speed, security, performance and customer support, has made this feature available for their customers. At SiteGround, you can simply install Let’s Encrypt certificates for free through the cPanel of your hosting account. You can even have multiple certificates installed on your account for each domain and subdomain.

What about Free SSL at SiteGround?

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As you may already know, SiteGround used to offer a free standard SSL certificate (for a year) with their hosting plan. With the introduction of Let’s Encrypt, this standard SSL certificate now becomes redundant. So they have decided to discontinue this certificate. In the process, all the existing customers who had standard SSL certificates, will now be upgraded to wildcard SSL certificates. They have also made their wildcard SSL certificates cheaper by giving a 50% off. All new GrowBig and GoGeek shared hosting plans will now come with a free wildcard SSL certificate (for a year).

The cloud hosting plans are not too far off either. Each cloud hosting plan now comes with a lifetime free wildcard SSL certificate. If you are thinking about creating a secure website and your host is reluctant to make Let’s Encrypt available, SiteGround might be the way to go at the moment.

If you have any questions, feel free to post it in the comments.

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