How to Sell Digital Downloads with Stripe in WordPress

Stripe payment gateway is becoming very popular for selling digital downloads in WordPress. With instant signup and account configuration, Stripe provides the flexibility that every online merchant needs to accept credit card payment on their site. Whether it’s a tangible or digital item, your users will get the best experience while buying from your store. In this article, I will show you the easiest way to configure Stripe and sell downloads from your WordPress site.

Configuration for Selling Downloads in WordPress

1. First, you need to install and activate the Sell Media File plugin.

2. Upon activation you need to configure some Stripe related options in the plugin settings – “Sell Media File -> Settings”.

screenshot showing how to navigate to the setting menu of the sell media file WordPress plugin
screenshot showing the settings area of the sell media file WordPress plugin

3. Create a new page or edit one and insert the following shortcode.

[sell_media_file item_name="My Video" description="this is my video" amount="3.99" label="Buy Now" download_link=""]

This shortcode creates a Stripe payment button for your digital item.

When a user on your store clicks on the button, a window will pop up where they can enter their credit card and complete the payment.

screenshot of sell media file payment window

Stripe will now verify the purchase and redirect the user to a page where they will be able to download the item.

In the orders menu of the Sell Media File plugin, you will be able to see all the purchases made by your customers.

screenshot showing the orders menu in the sell media file plugin

You can also add various parameters in the shortcode to control what information will be collected from the user (e.g. billing, shipping). For details feel free to check the Sell Media File Documentation page.

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