SiteGround Introduces Free 1-Click SSL Install For WordPress

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SiteGround, one of the best WordPress hosting providers, already started issuing free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to its customers. While the process was a big leap towards making the web more secure, there were still some manual steps involved in order to make it fully functional. For example: installing SSL certification on the hosting account, manually adding some code to the .htaccess file in order to make a proper redirection from HTTP to HTTPS, updating the content so the resources are loaded from HTTPS. Today SiteGround just made this process even easier by introducing 1-click installation of SSL certificate.

How does SSL work on SiteGround Now?

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All new WordPress installs on SiteGround are done via Softaculous script. It’s like a setup Wizard that can automatically install Let’s Encrypt SSL and run through HTTPS by default. However, if it’s an existing WordPress site it can also be switched to HTTPS with a single click.

This is generally known as “Force HTTPS” where you force your website to load in HTTPS as well as load all the resources from HTTPS.

screenshot showing the option to force HTTPS on SiteGround hosting

SiteGround offers this feature in a plugin called SG Optimizer. This plugin includes the option to force HTTPS on your WordPress site. When It’s turned on it will automatically configure WordPress to make use of the pre-installed SSL. Your website traffic will automatically go through an encrypted connection avoiding any possible duplicate content issues(when there are both HTTP and HTTPS versions of your site available). This will also fix any mixed content issue such as the resources that are already embedded into your site from insecure HTTP sources. SG Optimizer will automatically detect those content and fix them.

If you are a WordPress user like me, please make your site more secure now by enabling HTTPS. You may have already heard that as of 2017, WordPress will only recommend hosts that offer SSL by default with their hosting accounts. They are pushing for this because some features will be implemented into the core WordPress that will require a site to run in HTTPS. With the introduction of Let’s Encrypt, anyone can now install a free SSL certificate on their website. If you are on a host that still haven’t implemented Let’s Encrypt and is continually charging for SSL certificate, I would highly recommend that you move to SiteGround.

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