SiteGround Updates Its SG CachePress Plugin to SG Optimizer

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In 2012 SiteGround released a WordPress plugin named SG CachePress to connect a WordPress site to their caching service SuperCacher. Over the last couple of years, they added more features related to the caching functionality. Recently they decided to add two new functionalities to the plugin that allows a user to easily switch to HTTPS as well as update to PHP 7.0. Since CachePress functionalities are no longer limited to only caching, the plugin has been renamed to SG Optimizer instead.

What about SuperCacher?

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SuperCacher caching can still be configured using this plugin. However, in order to take advantage of the dynamic caching and increase the performance of your site you still need to use their GrowBig or a higher hosting plan. All you need to do is turn on the service from your cPanel, and then turn it on in the SuperCacher settings of the SG Optimizer plugin.

Switching to HTTPS

SiteGround already started issuing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to all new domains since the end of 2016. With the addition of this feature in the SG Optimizer plugin, you can now enable HTTPS right from your WordPress admin dashboard. As soon as you enable HTTPS, the HTTP2 protocol kicks in automatically since it’s enabled on all SiteGround servers. This helps you get two benefits in one feature –

1. Improved SEO and compliance with the latest Google and Chrome encryption requirements

2. Performance benefits that come with the HTTP2 protocol.

Updating PHP

There have been numerous posts on the web about the performance boost in PHP 7.0. SiteGround was one of top web hosts that made PHP 7.0 available on all of their hosting plans. With this plugin, you can now check whether or not your site is compatible with PHP 7.0, and upgrade to it right from your WordPress admin dashboard.

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