SiteGround WordPress/Joomla/Web Hosting Review (2018)

SiteGround is one of the top performing web hosts in 2018. They are currently hosting over 500,000 domains worldwide and recommended by well-known websites. SiteGround is relatively new compared to other web hosts. Since its launch in 2007, they have come a long way to excel in the hosting industry and compete with other web hosts. In this SiteGround review, I will review the pros and cons of SiteGround for WordPress, Joomla or general web hosting.

#1. SiteGround Review on Uptime

SiteGround is the only host who has an average monthly and yearly uptime of 99.99%. This is possible because of all the handcrafted solutions that SiteGround has in place.

Linux Containers (LXC)

SiteGround is built on top of LXC (Linux containers) which is an extremely resource efficient cutting edge technology. It’s highly elastic and provides great stability when there are unexpected traffic spikes.

Pro-active Server Monitoring

SiteGround has an in-house server monitoring system that can check for server status far more often than standard monitoring systems out there. It automatically fixes all the current issues and can even foresee upcoming problems.

Own Backup System

SiteGround launched its own backup system in 2015. It allows them to backup with minimal resources as well as restore as quickly as possible when needed.

Unique Anti-bot AI

SiteGround developed an Artificial Intelligence solution to prevent brute force attacks. Currently, They can stop between 500,000 and 2 million brute-force attempts per hour across all the servers before it can even impact a customer’s website.

#2. SiteGround Review on Speed

When compared to 12 other to web hosts, SiteGround was ranked #2 in terms of page loading speed. It had an average page loading speed of 1.68 sec which is just 0.09 sec behind A2 Hosting.

screenshot showing the page loading speed of SiteGround compared to other web hosts

Here is the full comparison of page loading speed,

Web HostsPage Loading Speed (sec)
A small orange4.08
InMotion Hosting3.78
A2 Hosting1.59

When the same test was done with SiteGround’s SuperCacher enabled, It ranked #1 and the loading time went down to 1.3 sec (which is 3.4 sec faster than the industry average loading time of 4.7 sec).

screenshot showing the page loading speed of SiteGround with caching enabled compared to other web hosts

Here is the full comparison of page loading speed with cache,

Web HostsPage Loading Speed (sec)
A small orange4.08
InMotion Hosting3.78
A2 Hosting1.59

#3. SiteGround Review on Performance

Just like page speed, performance is important for a quality web host. In order to measure the performance of SiteGround, a test was conducted to see how many hits can be successfully handled by SiteGround in two minutes compared to other major web hosts. SiteGround did exceptionally well by handling 8,276 hits (A2 Hosting topped the chart by being able to handle 8,556 hits).

screenshot showing the performance of SiteGround compared to other web hosts (number of traffic handled successfully in two minutes)

Here is the full comparison of performance,

Web HostsPerformance (number of hits)
A2 Hosting8,556
A small orange750

When the same test was done with SiteGround’s SuperCacher switched on, the performance skyrocketed to 230,000 hits (which is 227,148 hits more than the industry average of 2,852 hits).

screenshot showing the performance of SiteGround with cache compared to other web hosts (number of traffic handled successfully in two minutes)

Here is the full comparison of performance with cache,

Web HostsPerformance (number of hits)
A2 Hosting8,556
A small orange750

#4. SiteGround Review on Security

SiteGround maintains the state of the art security on all of its servers.

Hack Protection

When you use a CMS like WordPress or Joomla to manage your website new vulnerabilities may get reported often. SiteGround can patch these vulnerabilities on server level within 48 hours of their public announcement (Where these vulnerabilities are still exploitable on all the major web hosts). The recent ones were WP Touch vulnerability patch & Joomla! VirtueMart vulnerability patch.

Account Isolation

SiteGround was the leading web hosts that applied account isolation mechanism to its shared hosting servers. It turns out only 4 other web hosts are being able to effectively apply the account isolation mechanism (For most web hosts it is still possible to see an environment that is not properly isolated).

screenshot showing the account isolation mechanism on SiteGround compared to other webhosts

#5. SiteGround Review on Support

SiteGround customer service is really special and they deserve a 10/10 in it.

Support via Phone

It turned out SiteGround and only two other web hosts picked up the phone immediately. 4 companies had a wait time of over 10 minutes (which is ridiculous). And surprisingly 90% of the web hosts do not even have a non-US phone line.

screenshot making a comparison of SiteGround phone support wait time with other web hosts

Support via Chat

When contacted via chat, SiteGround and Bluehost were able to resolve an issue in 5 minutes including the wait time before the chat was picked up.

screenshot showing how long it takes for a web host to resolve an issue via chat support compared to SiteGround

This is amazing since the average wait time for chat is 10 minutes and the average resolution time is 21 minutes. Only three other companies (HostGator, iPage, and Fatcow) were able to resolve an issue under 10 minutes (2 companies didn’t even have any chat support).

Here is the full comparison of chat issue resolution time,

Web HostsResolution Time (min)
A small orange19

Support via Tickets

When a ticket was opened SiteGround was able to reply first within 10 minutes. This is impressive since the industry average is near 8 hours. Only two web hosts were below 1 hour and they are not even close to SiteGround.

screenshot showing how long it takes for a web host to reply to an open ticket first compared to SiteGround

Here is the full comparison of the first reply on a ticket,

Web HostsFirst Reply Time
SiteGround8 min
Bluehost44 min
HostGator44 min
iPage1.5 h
Fatcow2.5 h
Justhost3 h
A small orange3.1 h
InMotion3.2 h
WebhostingHub14 h
Arvixe15 h
GoDaddy16.5 h
GreenGeeks18.5 h

SiteGround is also ahead of everyone in terms of resolving issues via tickets. When 3 tickets were opened related to general web, WordPress, and Joomla, they were able to fully resolve the issues in 31 minutes. The industry average resolution time is 11 hours and only 4 other web hosts were able to fully resolve these issues.

Here is the full comparison of the average resolution time,

Web HostsGeneral WebWordPressJoomlaAverage Resolution Time
SiteGroundResolvedResolvedResolved31 min
BluehostResolvedResolvedResolved55 min
HostGatorResolvedResolvedResolved6 h 20 min
iPageResolvedResolvedResolved10 h 45 min
FatcowResolvedResolvedResolved24 h 90 min
JusthostResolvedNot ResolvedResolved3 h 30 min
A small orangeResolvedResolvedNot Resolved6 h 30 min
InMotionNot ResolvedResolvedResolved9 h 10 min
WebhostingHubResolvedResolvedNot Resolved18 h 30 min
ArvixeNot ResolvedResolvedNot Resolved47 min
GoDaddyNot ResolvedResolvedNot Resolved37 h
GreenGeeksNot ResolvedNot ResolvedNot Resolvedn/a
A2 HostingNot ResolvedNot ResolvedNot Resolvednn/a

#6. Multiple Data Centers

SiteGround has 5 major data centers across 3 continents – Chicago (USA), London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Milan (Italy) and Singapore. This allows you to choose the closest data center for the best loading times.

#7. Free SSL Certificate

SiteGround offers a free SSL certificate on all of their hosting plans. This allows you make your website fully secure while not having to pay for the yearly SSL certificate. SSL is very important these days since Google now takes it as a ranking factor. Google Chrome recently started showing an “Insecure” icon to its users when a non-secure web page is rendered. This explains the importance of HTTPS to Google.

#8. Free Cloudflare CDN

SiteGround offers free Cloudflare CDN benefits to its customers. This provides great stability, security and even more speed since the data is served via Cloudflare content delivery network.

#9. E-Commerce Support

SiteGround makes thing easier for online businesses. If you want to add an e-commerce application like Magento, it can be very difficult for someone with zero technical knowledge. SiteGround removes this hassle by making it easy to setup popular shopping carts such as PrestaShop, CSCart, Magento with one-click installs. If you use WordPress you can easily install WooCommerce and other shopping cars to set up your online store.

#10. Free Website Transfer

One of the biggest struggles when switching to a new host is transferring the existing site. Not being technical or having to pay someone a lot of money just to transfer it for you can be frustrating. It may go to a point where you don’t even want to make the move even though you are not happy with your current web host. SiteGround makes this process easier for you by transferring your website from your existing host to their server for free. Their technical experts take care of all the heavy lifting, ensuring that your website doesn’t experience any downtime during migration.

#11. 100% Customer Satisfaction

Users who sign up for SiteGround hosting absolutely love their service. Here is a screenshot of the sales report which shows that no refund was issued in the last 2 months:

screenshot of SiteGround commissions report

This is just a screenshot of the last 2 months. In my case, the all-time reversal rate of users who I referred to SiteGround is zero.

#12. Highest Rated Hosting

There is a Facebook poll where SiteGround has been rated higher than any other web host. This poll was conducted by the top WordPress developers and website administrators who use SiteGround hosting.

SiteGround Facebook poll

You can also check the latest tweets where customers are thanking SiteGround for their amazing support.

Comparison of SiteGround Hosting Plans

SiteGround comes in three separate plans for general web, WordPress and Joomla hosting. Here’s a detailed comparison of features that you get in each plan,

Free Site TransferYesYesYes
24/7 SupportYesYesYes
Free App InstallsYesYesYes
Free Email AccountsYesYesYes
Unmetered TrafficYesYesYes
Free SSLs & HTTP/2YesYesYes
cPanel & SSHYesYesYes
Free Website BuilderYesYesYes
SSD StorageYesYesYes
30 Days Money BackYesYesYes
Free Daily BackupYesYesYes
Free Cloudflare CDNYesYesYes
Unlimited MySQL DatabasesYesYesYes
Priority Technical SupportNoYesYes
SuperCacher for Great SpeedNoYesYes
1 Year Free Wildcard SSLNoYesYes
30 Backup Copies AvailableNoYesYes
Fewer Accounts on ServerNoNoYes
Free PCI ComplianceNoNoYes
WordPress & Joomla Staging EnvironmentNoNoYes
One-click Git Repo CreationNoNoYes

Overall I think SiteGround plans are pretty balanced and provide great value for the money. If you are planning on moving to SiteGround I would recommend their GrowBig plan. Just for extra $2 you get a whole lot of premium features with twice the storage and bandwidth that you get on the StartUp plan. In addition to that, you get the best speed, performance, security, uptime, and support available in the industry. So my score for this SiteGround review would be 10/10 for general web, WordPress or even Joomla hosting.

If you would like to know more about their technology and services feel free to visit the SiteGround homepage.

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