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Getting a free blog on is the easiest way to start blogging. However, it does not allow you to have full control over your website. For example:

  • No plugin
  • Limited themes (you cannot install just any theme. It needs to be one of the supported themes)
  • No theme customizations (you will need to pay $30/year to make custom CSS changes)
  • Subdomain (to get your own domain you will need to pay for registration and mapping, which costs about $18/year)
  • Limited Storage (3.0 GB)
  • Only some basic file types can be uploaded e.g. image, doc, excel, powerpoint etc. (To upload other file formats you will need to buy the space upgrade)
  • Show random ads on your blog (you will need to pay $30/year to remove all ads from your site)
  • No FTP (you cannot choose where you want to upload files using a FTP program like Filezilla. You can only upload files using media uploader)
  • Weak search engine optimization (you cannot set your meta title, meta description or other seo tags. So when one your pages rank on the search engine results page it may not show up the way you expect)
  • No e-commerce functionality (buying/selling products)

Even if you are just starting a new website I would recommend you to get a WordPress hosting from a reliable web host. Not only it gives you full control but also makes managing content so much easier. Most web hosts now support WordPress and they are pretty cheap as well. Here are some of the top web hosts recommended for WordPress hosting –


SiteGround WordPress hosting logo

More information about SiteGround >>

WP Engine

WP Engine WordPress hosting logo

More information about WP Engine >>

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting WordPress hosting logo

More information about A2 Hosting >>

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Top WordPress Hosting
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