How to Transfer Files to Your WordPress Site with FileZilla

FileZilla Client is a free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) solution that allows you to transfer files to your WordPress site. You can use FTP, FTPs (FTP over SSL/TLS) or SFTP to upload files directly from your computer to a remote web server.

Step 1

Download and install the FileZilla FTP client on your computer.

Step 2

Open FileZilla and click File > Site Manager… to configure a new site.

Step 3

Enter your domain name in the Host field. You can use either FTP/sFTP to connect to your server (check the FTP details provided by your web host). Your FTP details are usually sent to the welcome email when you sign up with a hosting provider. If you don’t have it contact them.

screenshot showing how to add a new site in filezilla ftp client

Set the Logon Type to Normal and enter your FTP username and password. Click Ok to save the settings.

Step 4

You can now easily connect to your web server from the Site Manager window. Make sure to set the Date type to binary so you don’t experience any formatting issue (Transfer > Manual transfer > Data type).

Step 5

Navigate to the directory to which you want to transfer the file (The Remote site address bar shows the remote directory).

Browse to the directory on your local computer where the file is (The Local site address bar shows the local directory).

screenshot showing how to upload wp-config.php file using filezilla ftp client

Right-click on the file and hit Upload. The file will now be uploaded to your remote WordPress site.

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  1. I want to buy the premium version of your plugin but Sir does it work on the site running wordpress site on pho 7.1?

    • @Walink, Which one are you referring to?


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