Top 4 WordPress Download Manager Plugins

A download manager plugin allows you to track, manage and control file downloads right from your WordPress admin dashboard. This can be really helpful when you are offering digital downloads for free or as a part of a membership. In this article, I will show you the top 4 WordPress download manager plugins that you can install for free to manage your digital downloads.

1. Download Monitor

Download Monitor offers an interface that lets you upload and manage downloadable files. There is an option to offer versions for the downloadable files. You can also insert download links into your WordPress posts and log downloads.

version management of the downloadable files in the wordpress download monitor plugin

Once you have configured a download it appears in the downloads interface.

downloads menu created by the wordpress download monitor plugin

Each download comes with a shortcode that you can insert into a post to create a download button.

insert download button into a wordpress post using the wordpress download monitor plugin

2. WordPress Download Manager

This is another feature-rich WordPress plugin to track, manage and control file downloads from your wp-admin dashboard. This plugin lets you use passwords and roles to control access to file downloads. You can also limit the download speed and the number of times a file can be downloaded on a per user basis.

When you are configuring a new download you have an option to serve it from Dropbox or Google Drive.

The download button can be shown with lots of other details.

download button created with the wordpress download manager plugin

There are various templates to show multiple download buttons.

file download buttons created with the wordpress download manager plugin

File downloads can be offered as download links.

Access to file downloads can be controlled with password protection.

protect a file download with a password  using the wordpress download manager plugin

3. Simple Download Monitor

This plugin offer an easy way to manage and track your digital downloads. Files can be hosted both locally and remotely. There are options to limit the number of downloads and password-protect it. Downloads can be categorized in an ajax file tree as well.

Simple Download Monitor logs the ip address the user during each file download along with the date and time.

4. Easy Media Download

Easy Media Download offers the easiest way to show colorful download button to your users. Unlike other download plugins, Easy Media Download doesn’t have a complicated interface for managing and tracking downloads. You simply insert a shortcode into a page to quickly create a download button of your choice.

One good thing about this plugin is that it supports all the file formats.

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