Global Site Tag Tracking Plugin for WordPress

Global Site Tag Tracking is the new and improved WordPress Google Analytics plugin. It enables Google Analytics tracking by adding Global Site Tag Tracking code to your website.

Global Site Tag plugin is very easy to use. It makes Google Analytics simpler for WordPress. There is no need to slow down your site with heavy features. If you just want to enable Google Analytics, this is the right plugin for you.

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Why Global Site Tag?

Global Site Tag provides streamlined tagging across Google’s site measurement, conversion tracking and remarketing products. It gives you better control while making implementation easier. By using Global Site Tag Tracking, you will be able to benefit from the latest dynamic features and integrations as they become available.

Global Site Tag Features

  • Better data collection and organization system
  • Simple, reliable, and integrates easily with existing Google products
  • Connect multiple devices and sessions to the same user
  • More accurate user count
  • Analyse the signed-in experience of a user
  • Access to cross-device reports
  • Custom dimensions and metrics to collect data specific to your business
  • Automatically detect the most popular search engines and attributes organic search traffic to these sources
  • Control how long sessions and campaigns last by setting a timeout for it
  • Choose which domains will be left out from your referral traffic sources
  • Exclude certain search terms from being identified in your account when a user find your website using it
  • Google Analytics 4.0 tracking


You can install the plugin in one of the following ways:

Option 1 (Quick installation)

  • Go to “Plugins->Add New” from your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Search for “Global Site Tag Tracking”
  • Click Install once you have found it

Option 2 (Manual installation)

  • Download the zip version of the plugin
  • Go to “Plugins->Add New”
  • Click “Upload Plugin”
  • Select the zip file on your computer
  • Install it

Where to Add Global Site Tag in WordPress

In order to add Global Site Tag in WordPress, go to the settings menu (Settings > Global Site Tag Tracking) after you have installed the plugin.

where to add global site tag in wordpress

Enter the Google Analytics Tracking ID for your website. You should be able to find it in your Google Analytics account once you have a property.

screenshot showing the Global Site Tag Tracking plugin settings in WordPress

Click “Save Changes”.

And you are done. Google Analytics should be live on your website now. Please check your analytics account to make sure it’s receiving the tracking data. If your website gets traffic regularly it should appear in your Google Analytics account within 2-3 days.

29 thoughts on “Global Site Tag Tracking Plugin for WordPress”

  1. thanks much

  2. hello sir
    your post about global site tag tracking plugin for wordpress is completely new to me. This article really made me under the use of tracking plugin and u easily gave the steps to install it. let me work on this plugin and get back to you.
    Thank you

  3. After activation I’m getting “>’); at the very top of each page. Is this something I have set incorrectly?

    • @RWilkin, Please provide a link to your site so I can check it.


    • @RWilkin, Thanks. The code looks broken. Are you using any plugin to minify inline JavaScript code? Have you specified your Google Analytics ID in the settings?

  5. thanks for nice info……

  6. How to track event such as button click through using your plugin please?

  7. If I implemented GTM and want to remove this from the site now, do I just delete the tracking ID?

    • @Jared, If you just deactivate the plugin it will remove the code from each page.

  8. Dear Noor,

    How is you plugin integrated with the google tag manager? If I wnt to refine or add tags to increase granularity, how can I see which tags you have implemented?

  9. Hello, I have installed Global Site Tag plugin in our website:
    We already had Google Analytics for our website.
    We installed Global Site Tag plugin to make sure that Google Analytics code is moved to the top of the tags for all pages.
    Can you please check and let me know that I have installed your plugin properly.
    Many thanks,

    • @Partha, I couldn’t find the code on your site. Are you using a plugin to combine/compress scripts?

  10. Hello, thank you for your response. I noticed that, I am using the following script related plugins:
    Insert Code in Header and Footer: This plugin allows you to insert custom javascript or css code in header and footer sections of the theme. Version 1.0.0 | By Small Business Web Design Auckland

    Lazy Load – Optimize Images

    WordPress plugin to combine all CSS load async including inline scripts. Extends WP-Rocket
    Version | By Derrick Hammer | View details

    • @Partha, Thanks. I don’t think the header and footer plugin is doing the minification (it’s just for adding the code). The HTML of your site looks compressed and I see this script:

      • @Noor, thank you for your response. So what does it mean? Your plugin is moving Google Analytics code to the top of the tags for each page or not? If not, how to do it please?

  11. I have installed the plugin for WordPress and also added the extension. When I click on the tag extension, it says no tags found. I am at the site Using GLobal site tracking v. 1 I have confirmed the tracking ID from Google Analytics.

    Don’t understand why it’s not showing up.

    • @Aaron, What tag extension are you referring to? I can see the tracking code on your site.

      • The Google Tag Code on Chome – that is what I’m not seeing pick up the tags.

  12. How long does this plugin take to start tracking data from my website?

    • @Jethro, The plugin doesn’t track your data. It adds the necessary code so Google can do it. Please provide a link to the website where you are using it.

  13. Hello,

    I have the plugin up and running on my site but don’t show that it is working with my google analytics account. Is there a way to check on this?

    • @Devin, Open a page on your website where you are not logged in. Right Click > View page source and check if the code that you entered in the settings is present.

  14. Can I ask if this will take account of the change in the Google tag to the .js type?

    • @Stuart, Can you please elaborate?

      • So I received a notice from Google that we should update our tracking code to the .js type.

        I was just wondering if I really need to do that or whether your plugin takes care of it.

        • @Stuart, Thanks. Were you using another plugin when this notice appeared?

  15. I have installed your Global Site Tag Tracking Plugin and it was so simple. My question is, will it also integrate with my Event snippet?


    • @Tera, I’m not sure. I have only tested it with Google Analytics.


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