How to Show a Download Button to Logged in Users Only

User Only Download is an add-on for the Easy Media Download plugin that can be used to show a download button to logged in users only. This can be useful if you are trying to set up a user only download page or wish to make a specific download button accessible to logged in users.

In order to protect a download button from non-logged in users, enclose the download shortcode with the emd_user_only_download shortcode.

[emd_user_only_download][easy_media_download2 url=""][/emd_user_only_download]

The download button will appear normally when the user is logged in.

screenshot of the download button when the user only download shortcode is used

For a non-logged in user a message will be shown instead.

user only download message when a non-logged in user tries to access downloads

The default message can be customized in the plugin settings (Settings > Easy Media Download > General).

user only download extension settings

Get the User Only Download Add-on

EMD User Only Download
EMD User Only Download
Show a download button to logged in users only.

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