NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo Plugin

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Are you using NextGEN Gallery to create beautiful photo galleries? NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo plugin will help you add e-commerce functionality to it. You can easily create buy buttons to sell digital photos or photo prints online from your website.

NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo Info

Plugin Name: NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo
Version: 1.0.3
File Format: application/zip
Requires: WordPress 4.8
Rating: 3.7 based on 3 votes
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Price: 0 USD


  • NextGEN Gallery plugin
  • A self-hosted WordPress site running on a WordPress optimized environment like Bluehost

NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo Plugin Installation

  • Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Go to Plugins->Add New
  • Enter NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo in the search box
  • Once you find the plugin hit the install button

Option 2

  • Download the zip version of the plugin
  • Go to Plugins->Add New and switch to the Upload tab
  • Select the zip file on your computer
  • Upload and install it

Option 3

  • Download the zip file and extract it
  • Connect to your website via FTP (you can use a software like Filezilla to transfer files to your server) and browse to the “/wp-content/plugins” folder
  • Select the folder containing the plugin files on your computer and upload it
  • Once all the files have been uploaded to your web server you can activate the plugin from the Plugins menu (WordPress admin dashboard)

NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo Plugin Settings

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Once you have installed the plugin you will be able to access the settings menu by navigating to “Settings->NG Sell Photo”.

screenshot showing how to navigate to the settings menu of NextGEN Gallery sell photo plugin

In the settings area you will need to configure some options related to your PayPal merchant account and e-commerce photo gallery.

screenshot showing the NextGEN Gallery sell photo plugin settings

  • PayPal Email: The email where you will accept the payment
  • Currency Code: The currency of the payment
  • Price Amount: The default price of each gallery photo
  • Button Text/Image: The text or image for the Buy button
  • Return URL: The URL where a customers will be redirected to after a payment

NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo Usage

Create a new post/page and enter your NextGEN Gallery shortcode like the following:

[nggallery id="1" template="ngsellphoto"]

Here, id is the Unique ID of your gallery.

Publish/update the page and you should see a Buy button for each of the gallery images

screenshow showing the NextGEN Gallery sell photo plugin demo

If a user clicks the buy button it will take them to the PayPal payment page where they can pay for the photo/image.

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39 thoughts on “NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo Plugin”

  1. Hi
    I was wondering if you have an extended code to the buy now button. What if the customer wants to buy several photos. Every time he clicks on the buy now button it takes him directly to Paypal. Do you have an option for a cart where he can add purchased products to?


    1. @Peter, currently it only works with a Buy button. However, You can try a shopping cart plugin like WP eStore which offers “Add to Cart” checkout functionality with NextGEN Gallery. Alternatively, you can also try the WP Photo Seller plugin which was developed specifically for selling photos in WordPress.

  2. Enter the [nggallery id=”1″ template=”ngsellphoto”] where ???? DUH!

    Am just a little fed up of people putting 85% of Instructions up online. If my Tuska surf were like that I would sell nothing.

  3. How can I remove payment by PayPal and set a custom payment gateway as i want to incorporate payment by my points system (MyCRED) thanks indeed.

  4. One other thing I notice is I have the watermark turned on with the gallery but it doesn’t show on my sale page so how can I watermark my photos?

    1. @scottkeller66, You will have to manually send it at the moment.

      Does this watermark feature comes with the core NextGen Gallery plugin?

      1. Yes the watermark comes with the gallery. But if I have to manually send the image then I will have to move onto another plugin. I was hoping this would work as almost all my customers use the gallery.


        1. I will investigate the code to see why watermark is not working. Have you checked the WP Photo Seller plugin? It seems to be getting good reviews from users.

  5. Hi,
    Does NextGEN Gallery Sell Photo Plugin send the photo’s automatically or do I have to send the photo myself.
    Please can you let me know either way as I am an absolute beginner at this.

    Many Thanks


  6. Is there a way of putting comments under the image then the buy now button underneath.
    I have competitors numbers in my gallery in the caption box and I want to display this between my image and the buy now button.

    Many Thanks

  7. I am getting stressed.

    Is there a way of putting comments under the image then the buy now button underneath in the Nextgen Gallery Sell Photo.
    I have competitors numbers in my gallery in the caption box and I want to display this between my image and the buy now button.

    Many Thanks

      1. I use this with NextGen to setup my store, I am still in progress but the concept works great and emails a link to the full resolution photo. here is my site

  8. Hi. When I apply this plug-in to a NextGen Gallery page, the images appear on the new page scattered randomly, instead of a nice grid (see > For Sale > Original Harmonographs). What am I doing wrong?

    1. @rickhall66, Can you please copy and paste the exact shortcode you are using? Please also make sure that it’s not formatted. You can switch to “text” editor check it.

      1. Hi, thanks for your quick response. This is the code:
        Visual view: [nggallery id=”5″ template=”ngsellphoto”]
        Text view: [nggallery id="5" template="ngsellphoto"]

        1. @rickhall66, Thanks. Please make sure that the shortcode is not in a pre or code element. It needs to be in plain text (even in text view).

          1. Hi. The code appeared in text view like this:

            [nggallery id=”5″ template=”ngsellphoto”]

            I deleted everything before & after the […] and it got better, though still not a thumbnail grid (it now appears as 2 columns with spaces in the second column). I don’t know code well, just did this on a whim – it seems that the code is not arranging the page properly.

  9. Hi,
    Can i sell Photo Gallery instead of individual photo with this plugin ? Or if someone know any other way to sell Photo Gallery in wordpress please let me know.

    1. @Jared, It seems to be working fine for me. Please make sure that,
      1) You have the latest version of both NextGEN Gallery plugin and NextGEN Sell Photo plugin
      2) The shortcode does not contain any hidden formatted characters (you can switch to text editor to check it)
      3) A gallery with that ID actually exists in the NextGEN Gallery plugin. For example: If you are using this shortcode,
      [nggallery id="1" template="ngsellphoto"]
      NextGEN Gallery needs to have a gallery whose ID is 1. If you have a gallery whose id is 5, you will need to replace 1 with 5 in the shortcode. For example:
      [nggallery id="5" template="ngsellphoto"]

  10. Greetings,
    This looks like a GREAT plugin. Good work. How would I go about having several photo sizes each with a different price? For each of my photos I would like to offer 3-4 sizes of prints IE 8×10,20×16 etc. I need to be able to have a different price for each print size. Is there a special short code I could use for the size/price variations??
    David Mays
    David Mays Photography

  11. the button apear and work but the option to open the image and saved to the computer remains so why someone eill buy the photo if he stil can get for free ?

    1. @Leonardo, You can just show the thumbnail images on the front end and send the full resolution image on purchase.

      1. Assuming I know how to do this, which I do not know, and it would be good to show the full resolution image for customers to see what they are actually buying. And I believe that for anyone who understands code for a function that prevents saving the image would not be asking too much for an image sales plugin would actually be the least expected.

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